Steampunk man gift set: watch and cufflinks

Steampunk man gift set: watch and cufflinks

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Steampunk man set: watch and cufflinks

This fantastic set is perfect for Father's Day gift, groomsmen, birthdays, retirement, anniversaries and it's a very practical gift.
The original watch comes with a pair of steampunk cufflinks! The watch has two spheres where you can set two different time zones.
Elegant and discreet in design, these unisex cufflinks offer a Steampunk flavor without bling! Made of Russian clockwork mechanisms of 16 mm, the right size for the cufflinks. Ideal for anyone in Steampunk, cyberpunk, science fiction, it's also great for formal occasions like weddings! They are very manageable twins, and their shape is such that they do not get caught.

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