Burning man - Steampunk Goggles in green with double lupe

Burning man - Steampunk Goggles in green with double lupe

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Burning man - Steampunk Goggles in green

These goggles will be perfect for any costume. Camden fashion perfect for cosplay, Airship Captain, Officer, Steampunk, Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Cyber, Mad Scientist, Burning Man.
plastic with elastic adjustable strap, these goggles are twice painted with bronze & copper enamel to give that antiquated look, and finished with single 2.0x loupe . This pair comes with dark green lenses, and a pair of interchangable sun lenses are also provided for you. The loupe can be attached and removed easily with the clip provided, giving you the possibility of several diferent looks!
Both eyes have the attachment to mount the loupe, which means you can wear it on the left or the right

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