How to pay in Paypal without having account in Paypal
If you do not have a Paypal account, do not worry.

Many people do not know that Paypal allows you to make payments through your credit card without having to be registered in your system. This payment system is called "standard payment" and Paypal reports that option on your WEB page that you can consult by clicking here. Next we will explain how to pay in paypal without account.

The way to make the payment through Paypal without having an account with Paypal is very simple.


Once you have chosen the product you want to buy, you will get a window through which you will be able to place your order by clicking on the "Order" button.

Select method of payment

The next step will be to select the mode of payment. You can buy your products with your bank card directly on our website through Paypal, whether you have a Paypal account or if you do not have one. The procedure is very simple.

Steps to buy with Paypal without Paypal account

Indicate that you want to make your purchase through Paypal. (Do not forget to accept the terms and conditions of our privacy policy).
When you accept the payment with PayPal, the following window will open. At this moment you are already inside the payment system Paypal with all its advantages of security and privacy.
Below and to the right you will find a section that says "Do not have a PayPal account ?. Select this option.
A pop-up window will open automatically in which you can enter your data to make the payment with your bank card without having to open an account in Paypal.
When you have filled in the fields (not all are obligatory), click on the yellow "Pay" button.
Paypal will inform you that your payment has been made with all the guarantees of your platform and without having to open an account in Paypal.